Welcome to a project by Tangible: Basecamp

A unique crypto powered investment in Asia’s prime winter holiday destination, Niseko Japan. Starting from just 50 EUR.

At Tangible, we are the bridge between the virtual and physical worlds. Here we offer a link between your digital assets, and real world assets.

For those who viewed the offering in 2020, you will find this a much more simple offering.

To be clear from the start, we are not marking this company up several multipliers. The equity offered is proportional to today’s value. We aren’t factoring in value at completion, future revenues or estimated values, simply a direct cost of the build and land, nothing more. You’re buying into today’s value to take the journey with us, and truly benefit from it.

Welcome to Basecamp Niseko

Basecamp is a development of 7 units making up 934 square meters of accommodation for holiday makers to Asia’s premier winter destination, Niseko, Japan.

Niseko, Japan

Niseko Village is one of the world’s premier ski destinations. Beautiful in the winter and summer, Niseko affords visitors both serenity and activity.

37-24 Aza Yamada
Kutchan-Cho, Abuta-Gun
Hokkaido, Japan.

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