Niseko, Japan

Asia’s premier winter destination lives up to its reputation year after year with the most epic powder snow on earth. The Siberian low pressure swings around to pick up moisture over the Sea of Japan and hits the mountain range just 25km in from the coast to cause gentle air lifting. This weather pattern continuously dumps fresh snow on Mt Annupuri and the surrounding area. It is little wonder that Asia’s rich come here to play and wealthy families from the likes of Thailand, Singapore, Australia, and as far afield as Europe have properties located in Niseko.

‘Niseko’ is made up of 5 interconnected and distinct resort areas; Hanazono, Hirafu, Niseko Village(Hilton), Annupuri, and Moiwa.

Basecamp will be nestled in the largest resort of Annupuri in the quaint village of Royal Town. It’s a quiet area just a short drive to the Annupuri gondola, one of 4 gondolas servicing the resort. The Annupuri/Moiwa side of the mountain is currently seeing the largest investments, though before long prices will be at or above the main village of Hirafu where prices are upwards of 5X the per meter rate we will see with Basecamp.

Value for money along with a more serene feel and space between homes is the reason behind the USD $500 Million Aman project and the likes of Alibaba’s Jack Ma setting up a personal residence just a stone’s throw from our location.

A particularly nice feature of the area is the proximity to the ‘Onsen’ natural hot springs. A well-known and frequented attraction just a short walking distance from Basecamp.

The area provides restaurants to cater to all needs, from local and Michelin star establishments listed by the likes of Anthony Bourdain, that often require bookings months in advance, right through to amazing food trucks providing surprising meals on the run.

Although Niseko is primarily a winter destination, world-famous for the powder snow conditions, it must not be forgotten that Hokkaido in Summer is just as beautiful. With fields of sunflowers, lavender and crops, hiking, white-water rafting, and downhill mountain biking all on the menu it’s a place that even world-class triathletes choose to come and train.

Tangible owns the land, design is ready, and we are ready to begin construction of what is planned to be a world-class, year-round vacation destination.