How It Works

Payment Distribution

Upon completion of the property (date TBD on capital raised) and rental income starts coming in, payments to your CoinMetro Account in Euro will be made from time to time (quarterly or bi-annually dependant on activity) proportionally to holders of BASE.

Likewise, on any sale, holders of BASE will be distributed Euro from the net revenues of the sale. 

Payment distribution is determined by a snapshot of wallets holding BASE at the time of revenue generation or sale of the property.

Note: True there will be no rental income during construction, however capital gain continues in this area and is only sure to spike with the ending of Covid, the recent Olympic games, and the infrastructure currently being built, including a highway, and Shinkansen stop allowing high-speed train, direct from Tokyo! 

Secondary Trading, What’s this?

This is what makes this offering, and this model, such a game-changer to how we normally invest. Where once you might be limited to the investments you can access, you now have access to global offerings. Where once you may have been locked into an illiquid investment, such as property for decades, you now have the option to decide when you’d like to exit, or if you find the performance attractive, then you may like to pick up a little more.

Secondary trading means you have a marketplace to trade Basecamp equity. You can buy and sell as much or as little as you like, provided there is someone on the other side ready to match your offer.

We understand your circumstances can change so the idea is that you can get in and out when you decide, not when we decide.

How to participate

The CoinMetro Invest platform makes it simple to purchase equity with a range of fiat and cryptocurrencies, including credit card and instant payment options. Just hit the “Invest” button and follow the steps to purchase BASE. Your BASE will become available in your Ignium account, reflected on your CoinMetro dashboard.

However we do recognise that while real-world property investment is one of the safest plays you can make, some of our community value their crypto as digital property, and as much as they would like to get involved here, it’s a mental battle to sell some other crypto assets that are performing quite well right now.

DeFi Opportunities…

If that’s you then an option for you to consider (and not financial advice) would be providing your assets as collateral and loaning against them.

Platforms such as:-

Anchor  Protocol – Allows you to bond your LUNA (a very well performing asset) and ETH to borrow the Terra Stable Coin, UST, against this which you can then send over to CoinMetro and participate in the Basecamp raise. In fact earn 20% (at the time of writing) on borrowed funds, therefore becoming a self repaying loan.

Celsius – One can borrow against a whole range of assets including BTC and ETH, at as little as 1% interest. Keeping LVR’s low (eg: 25%) would be recommended.

AAVE – Allows you to deposit a whole range of tokens and stable coins to earn interest while also borrowing against it. Again, self repaying loans.

With these options, and many more companies doing similarly, our investors can hold their crypto assets continuing to see the capital appreciation, while still contributing to a real world asset, also earning and appreciating.

Tangible will also consider funding Anchor earn(20% APY) with excess funds for significant yield between progress payments.