The Offering


In this day of social media, we all want to be part of something new and exciting. To pull your phone out and show friends and family a picture of something you own or are part of. Be it a nice car, a watch, a boat, art…a luxury property? 

Imagine this “asset” was located in a place where you had never stepped foot or visited once, and wanted a part of it, a place where people from all over the world gather to enjoy the world-class surroundings. Even better when that asset is generating income!

Gaining access to unique investment opportunities outside your own country is traditionally very difficult or high risk.

But it’s not always that simple or affordable to own these expensive assets outright, so partial ownership, via tokenising the asset, is essential for accessibility to anyone trying to build wealth and passive revenue streams.

At Tangible we have the same desire, to build a portfolio of highly tangible (real world) assets to be proud of and so our first offering is this, Basecamp. A unique and quaint set of residences in Asia’s most famous winter destination Niseko, in the heart of such a mystical place, Hokkaido, Japan.

We can’t do it on our own either. While we’ve formed a fantastic team and plan to make this happen, we need partners like you to help fund it and cross that last hurdle.


Traditional crowdfunding is one way of achieving the goal but we wanted to offer something more attractive. With the introduction and wide adoption of blockchain technology we can issue digital equity in the development making it simple for investors to get involved, and for future distribution of rental revenues and capital gains generated by Basecamp.

So…we’re issuing a digital share, allowing investors on different sides of the planet to trade the product freely and instantaneously at any time of the day or night, should they desire to do so.

This is made possible by Ignium, an innovative platform that creates and distributes digital shares and allows investors to trade on a unique peer-to-peer billboard-style secondary market. If things get a little confusing, just ask the team at CoinMetro to guide you through.

This time around we are issuing a simplified ‘direct to equity’ round, of 70% of the property for a build cost of €2.5Mil
We do not want to trap investors into unreasonable vesting periods? This is why we chose to raise capital in an environment with a fair primary sale and healthy secondary market available from the day the equity sale closes.

The Equity Share

The Basecamp Digital Share (BASE) buys the investor a slice of the property for as little as €50. 

We call it ‘equity’, because it really is equity! The company you will hold a share in will be registered on the title deeds for the Basecamp property. 

Due to this lean setup, it means that the need to handle solicitors and other contractors is very simple and requires only the company management to take care of it all. 

There is no requirement for you to be responsible for loans, insurances, and all else that is or maybe required of traditionally owning such an asset. 

We wanted to offer all the benefits of property ownership i.e., the rental yield, capital gains, and use, whilst taking away all the hassles! So, that’s just what we’ve done in creating this equity offering. That is, the benefits of rental revenue and capital gains, but no cumbersome procedures of traditional ownership, or liability of loans and associated risks.